Share The Road

Two years ago, a group of London activists
cycled to a "Smash
Edo" demonstration
against the arms trade in Brighton. With them
was Marie
, who was part of the Food not Bombs group
which regularly handed
out food outside Brixton
McDonalds. On the way, she was killed by a
careless driver on the road. For June 3rd, her friends and family
called for a remembrance ride from Brixton to Brighton [1 | 2].

See the Cyclists
blog listing the names of cyclists who have died on the
roads due to incidents involving motorised vehicles.

Ghost Bike

Marie Vesco’s death lead to discussions on the socio-political
implications of the predominance of cars over cyclists on several forums. "Ride of Silence", which
promotes sharing the road and rises awareness of bicycling safety, lists
her name with many others.

At the inquest
into her accident, the coroner recommended
that proper sign posting, to direct cyclists to a quieter road, should
be installed (see blog of the cycling lawyer).

Commemoration and politics were deeply entangled from the beginning.
The 2008 Smash Edo demonstration held a minute’s
in Marie’s honour.

A blog was set up
to remember her. The Rampart, one of the social centers she was
involved in, published a note in its newsletter
and dedicated
its 4th anniversary event to her, and the June 2008 Critical
went to Brixton as a tribute.

A year later, friends and family placed a white ghost
by the side of the A23, where she was killed.

On June 3rd, another remembrance ride to
Brighton took place, starting from Brixton.


text taken from:


Photos from the ride


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